Vamp Silicone: “Where Art, Sex and Health Meet”

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“Where Art and Sex Meet”
Vamp Silicone is a passionate group of artists and sex educators, advised by doctors, united to create handmade artistic medical grade silicone adult novelties.

Vamp is looking to create several new designs, including Kegel exercisers to strengthen PC muscles, wands for those who suffer from pelvic tension, hysterectomy and chronic pain, as well as sheaths to aid in erectile dysfunction. Vamp is determined to grow into every adult store in the United States, as well as expand the website to feature a one-­of­-a­-kind custom service.

Manufacturing times are Vamp’s biggest hurdle; Vamp does not keep a large back­stock and are making products to-­order. Orders up to 50 pieces take on average 3 weeks to complete. With your help, Vamp hopes to create a larger back­stock to be able to fulfill orders faster and begin taking on larger clients.
In addition, the new packaging we've designed will fully represent our artistic creations.

Vamp Silicone toys are independently unique from any other 100% platinum silicone product on the market because of our unique colors and patterns, as well as our strap-on focused designs. The patent-pending “Talula” series has changed people’s lives with its unique 45 degree angle, alleviating the frustrating problem of floppy dildos during strap-­on sex.
Vamp Silicone is the only silicone adult novelty company to offer customization, one-of-a-kind dildos.

Problem #1: The adult toy industry in the United States is not regulated, the products are considered "novelties" which means it is not intended for use. This creates a market of toys containing carcinogens and pores harboring bacteria and viruses.
Problem #2: Strap-on sex for both lgbt and heterosexual couples can be a very frustrating experience without the right tools. Floppy dildos, small bases and other design errors can create the opposite of a sexy time!
Problem #3: Sex is art, art is sex. Sex is expression. The majority of silicone dildos are either realistic looking or not very sexy. There is no way to customize your dildo and express yourself entirely through your sex toys.

Solution #1: Vamp Silicone only works with 100% platinum cured medical grade silicone which is non-toxic, contains no carcinogens, non-porous and hypoallergenic.
Solution #2: Vamp Silicone has created patent-pending designs that have transformed the strap-on sex experience. With the "Talula" series 45 degree angle that stays erect in a harness, we have found the solution to "no more floppy dildos!". The bases we make are created for the harness user in mind and we work with doctors and sex educators to create the perfect curves and ridges.
Solution #3: Vamp Silicone is where Art and Sex Meet. We handmake every product from start to finish and have perfected our process to decrease defective rates and increase profits. Every Vamp toy is one-of-a-kind and unique. Vamp Silicone offers a first class custom dildo service giving customer the unique opportunity to express themselves and feel sexy in bed with their toys!

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Vamp Silicone: “Where Art, Sex and Health Meet”

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