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Unique and Beautiful Glamour Parties are designed with every woman in mind. It is a way to gather your girlfriends together for a fun, unique and relaxing photo session. Unique & Beautiful promotes self love and acceptance and we try to capture that through the eye of the lens.

We offer a package for 10+ ladies to have a photo studio experience in home. We provide backdrops, props and gifts. We will also deliver a message of confidence through fun group exercises. I want to give the gift of reflection to women through photography. I want them to leave the party with the same attitude they had at the party. Attitude is everything and I plan to lead by example.

God made us all unique and there is beauty in simply that. Our parties will be an uplifting and encouraging experience. We aim to inspire and uplift through every party. The pictures will exude confidence and boost esteem. It will allow women to gather in the name of sisterhood.

Everyone deserves to be beautiful.
God made everyone Unique and Beautiful including you!

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