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Building a family farm that can be passed done to future generations, starting with our Son and Daughter.

My husband and I are both unemployable due to injuries sustain in car accidents. We need to make jobs for ourselves that will allow us to bring our children up the way every child deserves. We do not want to sell everything we work our whole lives for and go onto the systems. I do not want to bring my children up that way. This is what we may be facing if things do not get turned around.

We're stating with an, pretty much, vacant piece of property. We need to build a milk house/milking parlour, barn and feed storage. This is a very expensive proposition and what I will be needing to get started is around $1,000,000.00 CDN.

It sounds like a lot, I know, but really all it takes is about 200,000 people to all donate $5.00 each.

We have been struggling to get started on our own with out a lot of success. Tradition methods of financing are not readily available to us because of our employment and current financial status.

To be able to create an income for my family we need to be milking around 600 goats. The barn alone will run around the three to four hundred thousand mark and this will be the first step, as we will need to have a place to house our goats as we start to purchase them. The milk house and parlour will be the second step as we will need to start milking and shipping milk as soon as possible. Milking equipment (utilizing as much used equipment as possible) will cost around 30,000.00.

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