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I am part of a small southern town filled with great people, proud military and a hard working workforce. It is that same dedication that makes this campaign so close to my heart because I know and understand that together we can make a difference in all circumstances. It is truly our nature.

This campaign is to start a store. Not just a regular store but a women made, women run, women inspired community store. It is a place where women can bring in their items to sell and be proud financial contributors to their homes.

We have all seen those baby bows, candles, baskets, crochet blankets, paintings and items made by great mom artist at flea markets and community events. Well here is a store where the women in my community can bring in their items and showcase them all year round.

Here is the amazing format:

1 - Moms bring their items to the shop

2 - We charge one flat fee to cover store cost

3 - They keep full profits

4 - They contribute to the financial balance of their homes and proudly serve their communities.

We want to build an income for families and with this format and your help we know we can.

Just 45 proud women vendors in the shop means 45 families with extra income for food, children clothes, gas in their vehicles, childcare payment... whatever their goal is and that's one less load to carry too. Especially for single moms creating income is not only a need but a great sense of pride.

We all can't open our own stores but together we can. We are counting on you to impact this community with your love, prayers, and kindness. No gift is too small.

This is a project where everyone can truly make a difference. And we like it that way. It makes every step more meaningful. We want local contractors to help us build shelves, we want local businesses to donate books for our children's area, we want our moms to volunteer at the store... we want every step to be marked with love.

So mark our campaign with your love today.

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Where is the store located?


Hello Silvia - We are in the beginning stage and are hoping to have our mommy shop in the downtown Southern Pines area.


Thanks Gretchen and good luck with your fundraising!


Hello Gretchen. Can you please Update/Upload your personal photo to your profile page, this will make your page more personal.


Silvia - Thank you so kindly for the kindness and warm wishes.


Crowhelps - I will. Thank you so much for that tip. I really appreciate it.

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