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Women For Tomorrow is in the development stage, and will be an organization geared toward uplifting, advancing, and empowering women from all backgrounds.

It has two sides to it, the first being a website that will allow users to create a profile and network with others. The focus on this side is representation of all women: women of color, trans*women, queer women, disabled women, etc. We will be hosting as broad a range of people as possible, so that every woman - no matter what combination of ethnicity, orientation, gender identification, religious background, and more - will be able to find another user similar to them for mentoring and/or collaboration purposes. Users will be able to communicate directly with each other and support each others professional growth in a safe online space.

The second side is the educational and career counseling side - we will provide guidance and assistance for users who know they want to obtain their higher education, but aren't exactly sure how. Or, if a user knows they would like to apply for employment in a competitive field and needs assistance crafting their resume and polishing their interview skills, we want to help with that, too! Our goal is to fundraise in order to establish a physical location where users can come in for counseling services or to use technology (computers, printers, etc.). Later, we hope to expand and have multiple locations and full-time staff to assist users with developing a plan to fund and complete their higher education or land the job of their dreams.

We firmly believe this is a service that is needed today, as women are still actively discriminated against or excluded from the workplace, leadership positions, and higher education due to their gender and various other demographic markers. We want to provide women with the resources and community to uplift themselves and each other.

Your donations will go toward the following expenses:
-fictitious business name fee
-business license fees
-advertisement costs for business once licensed
-P.O. box acquisition
-website upgrades & maintenance to modify the site so that users can submit their own profiles, make changes at any time, and contact information will be privatized to protect our users
-part-time employees who will assist with financing, business plan development, donor research, and more

Website still very much in the works but viewable here!

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Good luck with your fundraising!


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Uploaded :) THANK YOU!

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