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Please help support the launch of Neelie's Botanica on Etsy, dedicated to providing the best natural, organic, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly herbal skincare products that you can feel good about.

My name is Eileen Welch, and I started making herbal skincare products almost a decade ago. Now my passion to share these wonderful creations has grown and I'd love to start a shop on Etsy, where everyone can indulge in wonderful products that are good for YOU and the PLANET. I care about humanity and the planet, and strive to promote wellbeing for both. With your generous help, we all can indulge in a sensory experience and delight in beautifully crafted herbal creations. Nurture your body while soothing your mind.

The collection will consist of herbal skincare products for the face and body. I will be starting the collection with an assortment of bath goodies, such as bath bombs, bath melts, bath salts, body scrubs, body butters, lotion bars, and body sprays. As my shop grows, so will the collection.

I am graciously hoping to raise $1000 for the startup launch on Etsy. The funds will be used to purchase bulk supplies, containers, branding, and packing/shipping supplies. Until recently, I have only been purchasing supplies and containers on a very tight shoestring budget, sharing my creations with friends and family. But with the dream of taking my creations public, an investment is essential.

This is where I need your help. I am a huge believer in supporting small, artisan shops, and have seen many take off into great success. Now I am asking for support from every artist out there, who also believes in keeping things local and supporting a good cause.

Thank you so much - I look forward to providing you with the best quality products, made especially for you. There are wonderful "thank you" gifts for several donation levels. Please, help support a dream, give what you can, and kindly share this with everyone you know.

You can find more information about the startup of my shop on Facebook and Twitter. I will posting updates every step of the way, so you can follow the birth of a dream and take pride knowing you helped make it happen.


Thank you so much!

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