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Svetlana Petrova lives in a little town called Velsk in the Arkhangelsk region of Russia. In the frigid, snow-covered town, she shares a one-bedroom apartment with her husband and only son, Artem, who will turn seven years old in March of 2013 and he has autism.

Six years ago, Svetlana noticed that something was off with the speech and psyche of her child. Her son did not answer to his name, he did not play like the other kids and he was not drawn to his peers. For a couple of years, the mother took her child to doctor after doctor, trying to obtain a correct diagnosis and searching desperately for some help. It was one terrifying diagnosis after another, no matter where she went. Developmental disability and schizophrenia were both suggested as the causes of Artem’s behavior. It turned out to be autism. All these years Svetlana worked hard to help her son in any way she possible could: every day she did brain exercises with him, played games meant for stimulating the mind with him and taught him everything she knew. She continues on this journey today. The process is excruciatingly difficult on her, both mentally and physically, but Artem has made progress! He now knows how to read, write and count; he has learned colors; and speaks in short phrases. With every month, his behavior and condition improve. And still, the child is very different from the other kids his age and Svetlana is very worried about his future. Her whole life is dedicated to her son and pulling him out of the autistic state.

Artem now goes to kindergarten for half a day and Svetlana also takes him to the pool. At this stage, individual sessions with specialists and support groups are crucial to his progress but the family does not have money to accommodate this. They are a single-income family as the father is the only one currently in the workforce.

In the United States and Canada, autism is considered to be an incurable illness; however, in Russia and in Ukraine the approach is very different. Affected kids are treated with a combination of medical therapy (they are given nootropics – drugs which help stimulate the brain by improving mental functions such as cognition, memory, intelligence, motivation, attention, and concentration) as well as other methods, for example magnetic resonance reflexology, physiotherapy, massage therapy, dolphin therapy, etc. Many parents are of the strong opinion that all these methods, when combined, produce visible results and help in exercising the children’s psyche.

In Samara, a city in south-eastern Russia, there is a renowned center for autism called “Reacenter”, where evident results in autistic children have been noted. The treatment, however, is not free and the cost of living in a hotel in Samara also costs money. The treatment consists of three weeks of courses and therapy. In order to achieve optimal results, kids must attend several sessions of the courses. In speaking to other parents with autistic children who underwent treatment at Reacenter, Svetlana has learned that they are extremely happy with the results.

Svetlana Petrova is having a very difficult time trying to accumulate the sum of money needed to put her son in the clinic. Meanwhile, time is ticking and soon it may be too late to help Artem. The first course of treatment (with the cost of living included) is $3000 and it is said that even having completed this course alone, improvement is noted in the autistic child! The children are not cured but they develop new skills, their speech improves and they acquire a better understanding of everything around them.

If we are successful in raising even more than the initial $3000, this family will be so incredibly happy and grateful, and Svetlana will be able to take her son to the second, third and fourth courses of treatment, and perhaps even enroll him in the necessary developing exercises and gymnastics.
Please help this family! For seven years now Svetlana has been carrying this excruciating weight on her shoulders. At times, she does not know how to continue and breaks down in tears but her love for Artem and her determination to help him pick her back up and force her to continue fighting.

Please keep sharing the CrowdHelps link with people you know and trust.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!!!

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If anyone has any questions about Artem or autism please do not hesitate to contact us!


I don't have a lot right now, but it's something, If I can do it, I'm sure a few others of you can spare a few dollars.


Thank you so much Dimitri for your support!

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